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a bit about me:

My decision to become a journalist was largely based around my interest in investigation. Then I began to realize that I can take journalism with me anywhere, whether it’s becoming an investigative reporter, a travel writer, a professional blogger, or an arts and entertainment writer.


My stories reflect a bit of each type of reporting that I enjoy: entertainment, investigative, opinion stories, and hard-hitting news. Writing articles that have a diverse range of topics makes reporting a lot more challenging, but far more rewarding in the end. You learn how to talk with anyone and everyone, and slowly find yourself enthralled inside communities all over the place.


Becoming a journalist creates a world full of mystery, always leaving the reporter wanting to know more. When I first started writing articles, I told myself what I wanted to do specifically as a journalist, but as I continued writing, I found myself wanting to write about everything.


I grew up all around the Northland, but have found that my true home is in Duluth, Minnesota.  The lake and trees inspire me to be the best I can be, although I have no stronger love for Mother Nature than in the mountains. My enjoyment and admiration for the outdoors has brought me to believe that my overall goal is to become a travel writer. I will do this in a way where I will connect with a community completely before moving onto the next. I want to discover the world, but most importantly, I want to discover and create.

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